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What is an Automatic Jersey Terry Circular Knitting Machine?

What is an Automatic Jersey Terry Circular Knitting Machine?
August 05 , 2022

Terry Circular Knitting Machine is a knitting machine for knitting terry knitted fabrics, mainly used for the production of clothing and household goods.


A Terry Circular Knitting Machine is a knitting machine for knitting terry knitted fabrics. While weaving the ground weave with the ground yarn, feed the terry yarn. Terry yarn and ground yarn participate in knitting together. The special sinker or special crochet needle of the knitting machine elongates the sinker arc of the loop yarn to form the loop. Terry fabrics are suitable for clothing, household items and certain industrial materials.

Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

There are many types of Terry Circular Knitting Machines, including weft knitting models and warp knitting models. The most commonly used one is the single needle bed multi-cam type. It puts the ground yarn and the loop yarn on the jaw and nose of the special sinker through a special yarn guide, and at the same time in the needle opening of the latch needle, as shown in the figure on the previous page. After knitting, the ground yarn on the jaw forms the ground weft of the weft knitted plain stitch, and the loop yarn on the nose forms an elongated sinker arc on the reverse side of the fabric while looping together with the ground yarn. By using sinkers with different height differences between the jaws and the nose, knitted fabrics with different loop lengths can be knitted. On this terry knitting machine, a jacquard device can also be installed to control the in and out of the sinker, so that the terry yarn is sometimes looped on the sinker jaw, and sometimes looped on the nose, so that terry knitted fabrics can be knitted. The terry knitting machine also has a double needle bed circular weft machine model. The latch needle on one needle bed hooks the ground yarn and the loop yarn at the same time to knit into a circle, and the special tongueless crochet needle on the other needle bed only hooks the loop yarn and pulls the loop. The sinker arc of the loops of long terry yarn, forming a loop knitted fabric. By changing the relative positions of the tongueless crochet needle and the latch needle, loops of different lengths can be knitted.


The warp knitting type terry knitting machine has a single needle bed and a double needle bed. It mainly adopts special loop-forming parts and laying rules to lengthen the extension line of the terry yarn loops, so as to achieve the perfect quality of knitting terry knitted fabrics. Purpose.


In addition to terry knitting machines, there are many knitting machines that have the function of knitting terry knitted fabrics, such as hoists, trolleys, some hosiery machines and warp knitting machines. Usually the terry knitting machine knits single-sided terry knitted fabrics; if a special looping machine is used, and two terry yarns are fed at the same time as one ground yarn, and the terry is stretched on both sides of the fabric, it can be knitted. Double-sided terry knit.


Leadsfon's Single Jersey Terry Circular Knitting Machine only needs to replace the sinker water chestnut to realize the exchange of positive wrapping and reverse wrapping. It is designed with a central adjustment system, which can easily and conveniently adjust fabrics of different densities. It is equipped with oil cylinders of different specifications and is easy to replace, which can meet the different needs of the knitting market.

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