Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

The single knitting circular knitting machines are divided into SJ3.0 single knitting machines, sinker-less single knitting machines, terry machines, and three thread fleece single knitting machines.

  1. SJ3.0 highly productive basic single jersey machines are the best choice for the market-tested single jersey machine.
  2. SJ3.2F three thread fleece knitting machines are stitch Coil made according to sinker moving, replace the upper part and cammes can be converted into a single jersey machine.
  3. JSP terry machine sinker and cam can be changed to the front and back towels.
  4. SL3.0 sinkerless knitting machines are the sinkless technique avoids vertical bars by fixing the coil formation in a stationary point.

Single jersey machine feature:

  • High performance
  • High stability fabric
  • Machine maintenance costs reduced
  • Cost-effective & high-quality after-sales service 

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