• Nov 01, 2023

    LEADSFON circular knitting machine manufacturer is thrilled to have participated in the IRANTEX 2023 International Exhibition and is pleased with the positive feedback from the Iranian market. The interest shown by customers in our knitting machines is highly encouraging. It indicates a potential for successful cooperation and partnerships in the future. LEADSFON is eager to establish a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with the Iranian market. We believe that our circular knitting machines can meet the demands of the market and provide innovative solutions for the textile industry in Iran. Through collaboration and cooperation, we are confident that we can contribute to the growth and development of the Iranian textile sector. We would like to express our gratitude to all the customers who visited our booth during the exhibition. We appreciate the opportunity to discuss and explore potential partnerships with you. Please feel free to reach out to us for any further inquiries or discussions. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with the Iranian market in the coming years.

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  • Oct 31, 2023

    DJC2.4 Double Jersey Machine-Dial four & six track adjusting keys per feeder The critical adjustment process for each yarn feeder on a circular knitting machine involves several steps. Let's explore them in detail: 1. Observe the fabric quality: Before making adjustments, it is crucial to evaluate the fabric quality. By inspecting the fabric for any defects, such as missed stitches, loops, or irregular patterns, operators can determine which areas need adjustment. 2. Identify problem feeders: Once the areas that need adjustment are identified, operators need to identify the specific feeders that are causing the problem. This can be done by carefully observing the knitting process and identifying the yarn feeder responsible for the problem area. 3. Select the adjustment key: Once the feeder in question is identified, the operator needs to select the appropriate adjustment key to make adjustments. Each feeder has a corresponding key that allows targeted tension correction. 4. Adjustment Key: To adjust tension, the operator turns the selected adjustment key clockwise or counterclockwise. Turning clockwise tightens the yarn tension, and turning counterclockwise loosens the yarn tension. The degree of rotation required depends on the nature and severity of the fabric quality problem. 5. Check the impact: After making the necessary adjustments, the operator observes the impact on fabric quality. If the problem persists, further adjustments may be needed. By iteratively repeating the process, operators can improve yarn tension and fabric quality until the desired result is achieved.

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  • Oct 26, 2023

    The ITMA Milan 2023 exhibition concluded successfully on June 14th, with our company also achieving positive outcomes. During the exhibition, our booth attracted partners and customers who engaged in meaningful discussions about the showcased machines and the latest innovative products. As a result, our company established promising cooperative relationships with these customers and partners. The highlight of our exhibition was the DJI3.2 Double Jersey circular knitting machine, boasting the following features: 1. High performance, open width speed factor up to 850 (25rpm at 34”) 1. Single adjusting key per feeder 2. Three shafts transmission system, improves the reliability and durability of the transmission system, enhances the stability of the machine, and high-speed dynamic accuracy of the machine 3. The yarn guide ring can be adjusted as a whole, and the yarn guide can be adjusted separately 4. The unique prominent structure ensures the absolute engagement of the gears and keeps the equipment stable and efficient 5. Unique yarn feeding aluminum disc anti-slip setting, avoid parallel lines 6. Independent patented take-down system 7. Large pattern range with up to 4 needle tracks in cylinder cam and a wide gauge fabric 8. Different frame types available for different production requirements ———The video comes from "China Textile" magazine ITMA Milan 2023 provided LEADSFON with a fantastic opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge circular knitting machines. We are committed to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Stay tuned for future updates as we aim to redefine the boundaries of textile machinery innovation.

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  • Sep 29, 2022

    2022 CAITME Central Asian International Textile Machinery Exhibition held from September 7th to 9th. And the exhibition ended successfully on the 9th. Our LEADSFON brand knitting machine manufacturer participated in this exhibition. We are exhibiting the best-selling 32inch 28gauge 102 feeder single Jersey machine. We will provide you with meticulous service. Many customers came to our booth during the exhibition to learn about our hot-selling single jersey machine designed for Uzbekistan. We arranged for technicians to warmly welcome every customer interested in our single jersey circular knitting machine. We had in-depth and friendly conversations with many customers who came to the exhibition. We promoted our leadsfon brand circular knitting machine and obtained a lot of business opportunities. Although the exhibition has ended, no matter which channel you learned about our products, if you are interested in our products, please contact us immediately!

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  • Jul 04, 2022

    We adopted has changed the traditional manual adjustment of the feeding reel to adjust the backward operation of the yarn feeding amount.   The electronic servo yarn feeding system 1. It replaces the traditional yarn feeding device with the servo winding machine, which can accurately input the yarn length to reduce the manual adjustment time. 2. The yarn feeding is stable, the yarn is not easy to break, the cloth surface is smoother, the yarn adjustment result is accurate, the yarn adjustment time is shortened, and the production efficiency is improved.     Servo take down 1. It replaces the traditional gearbox shifting, making it quicker and easier to replace sprockets. During the crimping process of the cloth, the tension of each position is uniform, and the gram weight of each position of the cloth is relatively consistent, which improves the quality of the fabric while improving efficiency. 2. The position of the yarn feeder is precise and uniform, which ensures the relative position of the yarn and the knitting needle, and ensures that the machine runs at a high speed, and the woven fabric has a clear texture, no missing needles, flower needles, holes and other defects.    

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  • Jun 07, 2022

    The R&D Department of Xiamen Leadsfon Co., Ltd. cooperated with the Italian Technology Department to successfully develop the innovative single jersey circular knitting machine SL3.0, which is a revolution in circular knitting technology. This machine is used in the SL system, and the circular knitted fabric has no vertical lines, elastane misplacing defects, fabric peeling, and is an ideal solution for very fine gauges. In conventional single jersey knitting machines, the stitches are constructed with the help of sinkers. Sinkers are horizontal and vertical moving parts that can damage yarns, fabrics, and needles. However, the SL3.0 is made with a unique design where the stitches are formed at the fixed points of the cylinder, so we get excellent stitch uniformity and the complete absence of vertical lines. This is a knitting business plagued by vertical lines of fabric, but now we have solved that problem. Using the SL3.0 with the SL system will reduce friction on the radially sliding sinkers so that the fabric and needles are not damaged. Compared with the traditional circular knitting machine, the speed of the SL3.0 is increased by 50%, achieving a high output and high efficiency. All circular knitting machines of Xiamen Leadsfon Co., Ltd. use German Groz-Beckert knitting needles, Kern-Lieber sinkers, MEMMINGER yarn accumulators, Siemens motors, Fuji inverters, German UNIVAE oil pumps, etc. At the same time, the main ring gear and transmission system are imported from Italy to ensure higher stability and lower noise. Knitted triangles from Germany are made of high-quality alloys and iron designed with CAD and CAM manufacturing systems. To obtain perfect needle track edges and smooth surfaces, CNC manufacturing systems are used for precision engraving and heat treatment. Thanks to the top-level configuration and innovative system, the SL3.0 is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and energy-saving. The SL3.0 can produce fabrics from 14 - 44 gauge, especially microfiber, which can almost avoid vertical lines to ensure the high quality of the fabric. According to customer feedback, during the 8-9 months production process, with a daily output of 500kg of fabric, i.e. 120,000-150,000kg, the machine requires no maintenance or cleaning in the seam forming area. In addition to being completely problem-free, this guarantees high-quality fabrics and money savings. LEASLFON always insists on commissioning and testing all equipment at the factory to ensure that everything is functioning properly. After that, it is delivered in professional packaging.

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