Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

The double knitting circular knitting machines are divided into DJI3.2, DJC2.0/2.4 double knitting machine, and DJR1.8 rib double knitting machine.

  1. DJC2.0/2.4, DJI3.2 highly productive basic double jersey machines have new upgraded double jersey frame, easy to operate braiding system, easy to change cloth type, high yield, high stability.
  2. DJR 1.8 double knitting machine unique design, fixed yarn guide feeding angle, easy operate with high performance

Double Jersey machine feature:

  • High performance
  • Self-made Take-down system
  • Upgraded double-sided structure
  • Cloth surface flatness is more stable
  • Comprehensive update textile system
  • Excellent adjusting keys per feeder

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