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What is the difference between a circular knitting machine and a circular loom

What is the difference between a circular knitting machine and a circular loom
July 27 , 2022

Today's knitting machinery and equipment have a variety of styles, and various knitting equipment can be used flexibly, so that our knitting activities can be carried out smoothly. Circular knitting machine and circular loom are two different types of equipment, and they are different in use. Many people think that it is only the difference in size and model, but it is not. What is the difference between the two? Whether it is a purchaser or an enterprise, it should be clear about these, so that when selecting or using the equipment, they can be aware of it. Now let us explain to you the difference between the two.

1. The circular loom and the circular loom are different. The circular loom is a knitting machine, and the circular loom is strictly a loom (ie, a flat loom).

2. The electronic jacquard circular knitting machine is a circular knitting machine that uses a computer to control the pattern. The yarn is fed into the cloth from the weft direction, so it is also called a weft knitting machine. This process can be double-sided or single-sided;

3. Four-shuttle circular loom refers to a circular loom with four shuttles for weft insertion. Its weft insertion is different from the linear motion of general flat looms. Many belt looms are such machines now. There are many types, quite simple, of course, the more shuttles and the more warps, the more complex.

4. These two machines can basically weave any material, except for some special yarns, such as very thick twine.

5. The large circular loom is mainly used for weaving garments and decorative fabrics, and general industrial fabrics can also be woven; the circular loom is mainly used for industrial purposes.

In summary, the five-point difference between a circular knitting machine and a circular loom is quite obvious. The circular knitting machine and the circular loom have different performances in work and play different roles in the production of clothing fabrics. If you have more relevant suggestions on the purchase of circular knitting machine and DJR Circular Knitting Machine, you can contact us in advance~

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