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How to increase the output of knitted fabrics?

How to increase the output of knitted fabrics?
August 12 , 2022

Knitted fabrics are produced on circular or flatbed knitting machines. There are two types of circular knitting machines, they are Single jersey knitting machine or Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine. These two types of machines have different cam arrangement settings and are responsible for design production.


In any case, the production of knitted fabrics depends on various factors. By developing the following factors, we can increase the production of knitted fabrics.


Machine Speed: The output per hour depends on the speed of the machine. Higher machine speed, faster needle movement, resulting in higher throughput. But we should make sure that this higher speed does not put too much tension on the yarn. Excessive tension on the yarn increases yarn breakage, which is undesirable.


Number of feeders: If the number of feeders increases over the circumference of the cylinder, increase the number of channels one turn at a time. This is what is responsible for increasing production.


Machine Gauge: Machine gauge also affects the production of knitted fabrics. Machine gauges vary by machine type and manufacturer company. Higher specification machines provide higher output.


Automation System: By implementing automation in the machine, the output can be increased. The following automation can be added to increase throughput.


1. Quick start and stop for efficient drive system.

2. Automatic machine lubrication system, running smoothly.

3. Photoelectric fabric fault detector.


By imposing other developments: The following developments can increase production.

1. The creel feeding system can increase the output.

2. The yarn is supplied through a plastic tube, eliminating the possibility of yarn damage.

3. By using the yarn feed control device.


In modern times, different advanced facilities are added to the machine functions, which will facilities more production. Leadsfon is a supplier of circular knitting machines integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. Provide ODM service and custom machine design. Consult now!


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