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The difference between double knitting machine and single knitting machine

The difference between double knitting machine and single knitting machine
November 22 , 2022

The knitting industry can divide the knitting machine into two types: single knitting machine and double knitting machine from the side of the product.

What is a single jersey knitting machine

Single jersey knitting machines have only one "cylinder" needle and are based on single jersey circular knitting machines. They can produce plain weave fabrics. Gives fabric a crease-free, smooth texture throughout. Fabric density, size and thickness can be easily adjusted with this configuration, which can extend the life of needles and equipment. Suitable for the production of shirts, T-shirts, tops, casual dresses and underwear, etc.

What is a double knitting machine

There are two sets of needles in a double jersey machine. This extra set of needles can produce fabric twice as thick as single jersey. It has the advantages of stability and high efficiency; the weaving system of the double-knitting machine is easier to operate, and it is easy to change the cloth type. With high performance, self-made off-line system, upgraded double-sided structure, more stable cloth surface flatness, comprehensively updated textile system, excellent adjustment keys for each feeder, etc.

The difference between the two machines

Pin rules
Single jersey circular knitting machines only have standing needles. However, double-sided knitting machines can be divided into horizontal needles and vertical needles.

Method of weaving
The two machines also weave differently. Single jersey knitting machines have only one knitting direction, and double jersey knitting machines have two knitting directions. Moreover, these two directions are perpendicular.

Do you need a sinker
Single jersey machines require sinkers to produce fabric. The sinker is an important element in the loop formation of single jersey fabrics. But sinkers have nothing to do with double knit fabrics.

Single-knit circular knitting machines produce thinner fabrics than double-knit knitting machines.

The single jersey machine produced more fabric than the other.

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