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The difference between terry towel loom and ordinary loom

The difference between terry towel loom and ordinary loom
November 16 , 2022

Terry towel looms appeared in Britain in the early 19th century, and China only began to produce automatic towel looms in the 1950s. The working width of the towel loom ranges from 105 cm to 230 cm.


Terry towel looms are generally divided into platform, building and broken stalls. The loom uses two weaving shafts to send out the ground warp yarn and the raised warp yarn respectively, and through the specific and regular movement of the reed, a group of weft yarns is pushed to the fabric fell, so that the raised warp yarn forms a coil on the surface of the fabric and is woven into a towel fabric. The let-off and beating-up mechanism of the towel loom is different from that of ordinary looms. The let-off amount of the warp beam let-off mechanism can be adjusted according to the height required by the pile loops, and the let-off amount remains constant. In general, the tension of the ground warp yarn is greater than that of the wool warp yarn, and the length of the wool warp yarn is greater than that of the ground warp yarn. The steel reed in the beating-up mechanism is usually installed on the movable steel sley to complete the regular movement of the loop. When weaving three-weft towels, the beating-up strokes of the first and second weft reeds are small, and when weaving the third weft, the beating-up strokes of the reed become larger. At the same time, one, two, and three weft yarns are pushed to the weaving mouth together, the weft yarns clamp the raised warp yarns, and slide along the ground warp yarns with high tension, so that the raised warp yarns sent by the warp beam form loops on the surface of the fabric (see towel weave) . When weaving terry fabric on the projectile loom, it is not necessary to change the stroke of the reed, but a device for moving the shed is used to make the shed move back and forth according to a specific rule during the beating process to form a terry fabric.


1. Common towels are terry towels. In addition to towel quilts, towel looms can also be woven into new varieties such as spiral towels, velvet towels, and satin towels.


2. The difference between Terry towel weaving machine and ordinary loom is that the warp yarn of towel loom is different from that of ordinary loom. The warp of the towel loom is divided into wool warp and ground warp. Two warp beams are adopted, and the let-off amount of the wool warp beam is large, which is convenient for forming loops.


3. Can ordinary looms weave terry cloth? Yes, but it needs to be refitted to add a wool warp let-off device. Because the terry towel weaving machine is basically an ordinary loom plus auxiliary equipment, and everything else is exactly the same.


Generally speaking, there are different production equipments for terry cloth. For example, knitted terry cloth is mostly warp-knitted; some towels can be used directly on ordinary looms.


4. How is the towel raised? . The cut velvet towel needs to cut the loops first and then brush the velvet. At present, there are also untwisted towels, which use untwisted yarn as the warp yarn. After finishing, the pile feels fluffy and is very soft and comfortable to use.



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