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Yarn feeding system and technical introduction of circular knitting machine

Yarn feeding system and technical introduction of circular knitting machine
December 01 , 2022

One of the most important components of any circular knitting machine is the yarn feeding system.


This is where the spool will be when weaving the fabric together. In general, yarn feeding systems work in two different ways.


The first is a circular rack that sits above the machine. The yarn is guided into the machine via pegs and sensors that work in tandem to keep the yarn from tangling as it is fed into the machine.


If a knot is detected or the yarn breaks due to too much tension, the sensor will automatically stop the machine. This is typically used on machines with rotating cams.


Another option is the transverse creel, a large structure that feeds the machine from two sides.


Typically this is used on machines with fixed cams. This option also has sensors that will stop the machine if there is a problem with the yarn. They take up a lot of space on the floor, but this machine is also capable of feeding a large number of yarn spools through the system.


When you are using a circular knitting machine, each thread guide you see will correspond to a different spool. The thread guide is placed close to the needle so that any inconsistencies in the yarn can be caught before sewing. When the garment is complete, the jig will clamp the yarn as the scissors cut the garment off the spool.


The knitting head is the part of the machine that controls the grippers, but it's also the part of the machine that controls the actual needles. The sinkers are also an important part of the machine as they hold the finished part of the garment on the moving needle. Each sinker is designed with two main parts, the nose and the chest, which work with the sinker cam.


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