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Process method of circular knitting machine

Process method of circular knitting machine
August 15 , 2022

The main feature of flat braiding is the braided shaped product. In order to meet the forming requirements, the following methods can be used: using the changes in the fabric structure and fabric density to make each part of the garment have different sizes to obtain a certain shape; or by increasing or reducing the number of needles involved in knitting to change the fabric Width. Make the garment piece after the machine has a certain shape. In flat knitting, the method of changing the number of knitting needles is widely used to achieve the purpose of circular knitting machine. This method is technically called retracting and releasing needles, which will be introduced separately below.


1.Putting the needle
Stitching is a method of widening the width of the fabric by gradually increasing the number of working stitches. The needle placement method can be as follows:
1. Simply put the needle into work from the edge of the fabric, as shown in (1) in Figure 10-7. The newly added empty needles and the knitting needles of the original stitches are used for unwinding, yarn bending and stitching, and knitting an unclosed stitch A. The stitch A will be used as the old stitch and participate in the normal knitting of the F-course. The advantage of this method is that it is simple and does not require the use of auxiliary actions. This method of needle placement is used on some flat knitting machines. The downside is that the fabric edges are of poor quality.


2. When placing the needle, put the loop on the edge of the previous course on the needle that is newly added to the work, as shown in (2) in Figure 10-7. The loop eight of the j-edge of course I is put into the knitting course Z when the newly put into work. On the needle, the new wale will start from the stitch in row


3. Compared with the previous method, this method of needle placement improves the quality of the fabric edge
First put the edge loop on the newly added needle. Then put the previous row of loops on the empty needle from which the loop was removed, as shown in (3) in Figure 10-7. This method of needle placement obtains the edge The best quality fabric.


Second, the needle
Narrowing is a method of reducing the width of the fabric by gradually reducing the number of working stitches. There are three ways to narrow the needles: drop-off narrowing, transfer narrowing and holding-ring narrowing.
(1) Removing the loop and narrowing the needle
This method, also known as stitching, removes the stitch from the edge of the needle that exits the job. When the needle is narrowed, by changing the yarn guide padding, the needles whose edges are about to take off the stitches are not covered with yarns. As a result, the old stitches come off from the needles. Take off the knitting needle of the loop and then withdraw 1: make. This method of narrowing needles is simple, but the coils may come off along the longitudinal row after they are detached from the needles.


(2) Transferring and narrowing
    Transfer and narrowing is to transfer the stitches on one or two needles on the edge to the adjacent needles, remove the knitting needles of the stitches and then quit the work, as shown in Figure 10-8. The advantage of this narrowing method is that the edge stitches will not come off, but the disadvantage is that the double-folded stitches arbitrarily form thickened sections at the edge of the fabric.


(3) Hold the circle and narrow the needle
Although the knitting needle quits work, the loop remains on the needle. The knitting needle that quits work later goes back to work. This narrowing method is used in complex three-dimensional forming sections and can only be knitted on flat knitting machines with sinkers (formerly presser feet).


Not only circular knitting machines, but other single jersey knitting machines also have their own technological methods and operating procedures. If you have any questions during the purchase or use, you can communicate with us in time.




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