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LEADSFON Servo yarn feeding & servo take down system

LEADSFON Servo yarn feeding & servo take down system
October 05 , 2023
The electronic servo yarn feeding system
1. The traditional yarn feeding device is replaced with a servo winding machine, allowing for accurate input of yarn length and reducing the need for manual adjustments.
2. The servo yarn feeding system provides stable and consistent yarn feeding, reducing the risk of yarn breakage and resulting in smoother cloth surfaces. It also ensures accurate yarn adjustments, shortens the adjustment time, and improves overall production efficiency.
Servo take-down system
1. The servo take-down system eliminates the need for traditional gearbox shifting, making it easier and faster to replace sprockets. During the cloth crimping process, the tension at each position is uniform and the weight of the cloth is relatively consistent, enhancing fabric quality and efficiency.
2. The precise and uniform position of the yarn feeder ensures the proper alignment between the yarn and the knitting needle. This allows the machine to run at high speeds, resulting in clear and defect-free textured woven fabrics with no missing needles, skipped stitches, or holes.
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