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LEADSFON DJC2.4 Double Jersey Machine- 50 gauge

LEADSFON DJC2.4 Double Jersey Machine- 50 gauge
October 05 , 2023
Machine Feature:
1. High performance, speed factor up to 850 (speed range: up to 13-26rpm)
2. Dial four & six track adjusting keys per feeder
3. The yarn guide ring can be adjusted as a whole, and the yarn guide can be adjusted separately
4. The unique upper bed ensures the absolute engagement of the gears and keeps the equipment stable and efficient
5. Unique QUAP pulley anti-slip setting, avoid parallel lines
6. Independent patented take-down system
7. Large pattern range with up to 4 needle tracks in cylinder cam and a wide gauge spectrum
8. Different frame types available for different production requirements
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