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What is a double knitting circular knitting machine?

What is a double knitting circular knitting machine?
March 04 , 2022

Double-sided knitting machine generally refers to a cylindrical machine with upper and lower needle discs. The general interlocking machine is only a classification of double-sided knitting machines. Let us understand the classification of double jersey circular knitting machine.


1.Interlocking machine

Since the interlocking organization is a basic organization, the structure of the interlocking machine is specially designed for this kind of organization. Therefore, in addition to weaving interlocking weave and some needle-arranging weave, this machine cannot weave weave with large changes.


2.Rib machine

The biggest difference between the ribbing machine and the interlocking machine is that the needle grooves of the upper and lower discs of the former are arranged alternately with each other, while the latter are arranged oppositely.


3.Automatic machine 

The automatic double-sided machine mainly knits some automatic interlocking structures, and occasionally knits some needle-arranging structures. It can be divided into two types: computer room and machine room.


4.Jacquard double-sided machine 

There are many types of jacquard double-sided machines, but the principle of needle selection is roughly the same. Jacquard double-sided cloth can be divided into two categories, one is a patterned jacquard cloth woven with yarns of different colors, called inter-color jacquard cloth, and the other is made of embryo yarn as raw material and uses different coil arrangements which is called solid jacquard.


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