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Uncovering the mechanism of yarn feeding adjustment key of circular knitting machine

Uncovering the mechanism of yarn feeding adjustment key of circular knitting machine
October 31 , 2023


Learn about feeder adjustment keys

The yarn feeder adjustment key is an important component to ensure optimal yarn feeding, loop formation, and overall fabric quality. This key is found on each yarn feeder of the circular knitting machine, and its purpose is to fine-tune the amount of yarn fed to achieve the required knitting tension.

The yarn feeding adjustment key of the circular knitting machine is operated by adjusting the yarn tension between the yarn feeding roller and the sinker at the knitting station. By controlling the yarn feed, the adjustment keys can change parameters such as fabric density, stitch length, yarn thickness, and needle selection.

The importance of featherweight adjustment keys in circular knitting machines

1. Fabric quality control: The yarn feeder adjustment key helps adjust the density of the fabric and the appearance of the stitches by controlling the tension of the yarn. This control ensures fabric uniformity and minimizes defects such as uneven tension, stitch deformation, dropped threads, or broken yarns, resulting in high-quality knitted fabrics.

2. Stitch Length Change: One of the main advantages of circular knitting machines is the ability to easily change the stitch length using the adjustment keys. This parameter change allows for fabric designs with different textures, such as ribbing, piping, or knit stitches.

3. Yarn thickness compatibility: Through the yarn feeder adjustment key, the circular knitting machine can adapt to various yarn thicknesses. Manufacturers can adjust the machine's settings to weave different diameters of yarn, from thin, delicate threads to heavy-duty fibers.

4. Needle selection possibilities: The adjustment key also helps in selecting the best needle for a specific fabric. By adjusting the yarn feed key, manufacturers can adjust tension and yarn feed speed to ensure fabric stability and durability during the knitting process.

5. Efficient color and pattern changes: Circular knitting machines equipped with multiple yarn feeders can achieve seamless color and pattern changes. Each yarn feeder can be individually adjusted, providing versatility by using multiple yarns or colors in a single garment to create different designs.

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