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How to calculate the number of needles of circular knitting machine?

How to calculate the number of needles of circular knitting machine?
September 23 , 2022

4 inches 28 needles, 209 times 14 equals 2926, 34 inches 28 needles is 2976, remove the needle eye cloth edge 4 to 5 cm when the dyeing factory is stereotyped, the net width is 209.


Circular knitting machine, scientific name knitting circular weft knitting machine (or called circular knitting machine). Because the Jersey Circular Knitting Machine has many loop-forming systems (referred to as the number of yarn feeding paths or looping paths in the enterprise, referred to as the number of loops), the rotation speed is high, the output is high, the pattern changes quickly, the fabric quality is good, the process is few, and the product is adaptable. , so it develops rapidly.

Single Jersey Knitting Machine

1. Ordinary single jersey circular knitting machine

Ordinary single-sided knitting circular knitting machine has a large number of loops (usually 3~4 times the diameter of the needle cylinder, that is, 3 channels∕25.4mm~4 channels∕25.4mm), such as a 30″ single-sided machine with 90F~120F, The 34" single-sided machine has 102~126F channels, etc., high speed and high output. It is called multi-triangle machine by some knitting enterprises (mainly emerging with Z241).


Ordinary single-sided circular knitting machines have single-needle track (one track), two-track track (two track), three-needle track (three track), four-needle track and six-needle track. A four-needle single-sided circular knitting machine is used. It uses the organic arrangement and combination of knitting needles and triangles to weave various new types of fabrics.


2. Single-sided terry machine


Single-sided terry machine is also called single-sided towel machine. It has single needle track, double needle track and four needle track models, and has a positive wrapping terry machine (the terry yarn wraps the ground weave yarn inside, that is, the terry yarn is displayed on the front of the fabric, and the two ground The yarn of the weave is covered inside) and the turn-up terry machine (that is, the terry fabric we all see, the yarn of the ground weave is on the reverse side of the fabric), using the arrangement and combination of sinkers and yarns to weave new fabrics.


3. Three-line weft insertion machine


The three-thread weft insertion machine is called a sweater or flannel machine in knitting enterprises. It has single-needle track, double-needle track and four-needle track models, which are used to produce all kinds of brushed and non-pulled fleece products. He used knitting needles and arranging yarns to produce new fabrics.


 Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

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