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/The state has introduced several policies to help the development of the textile industry

The state has introduced several policies to help the development of the textile industry

Jan 24, 2022

The state has introduced several policies to help the development of the textile industry

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the main force of national economic and social development. Recently, due to the rising price of raw materials and insufficient orders, the cost pressure of small and medium-sized enterprises has increased, and the operating difficulties have been intensified. The State Council has introduced policies to help small and medium-sized enterprises relieve their difficulties.

financial support

Encourage local governments to arrange bailout funds for small and medium-sized enterprises, for small and medium-sized enterprises that are temporarily facing difficulties in production and operation but have marketable products, promising projects, and competitive technologies, as well as labor-intensive and high-efficiency service-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of people’s livelihood (such as pension care services). Educational institutions, etc.) to provide special fund support to reduce the burden of house rent, water and electricity bills, etc., and to provide social security subsidies, etc., to help enterprises cope with pressures such as rising raw material prices and rising logistics and labor costs.

Tax and fee reduction

Deeply implement preferential tax policies such as VAT exemption for small-scale taxpayers with monthly sales of less than 150,000 yuan, income tax reduction for small and low-profit enterprises, additional deductions for research and development expenses, accelerated depreciation of fixed assets, and support for scientific and technological innovation imports.

Small, medium and micro-enterprises in the manufacturing industry are required to postpone the payment of some taxes and fees in the fourth quarter of 2021. Research on the continuation policy after the expiry of some preferential policies for enterprises shall be introduced promptly. Continue to clean up and standardize enterprise-related charges to ensure the implementation of policy dividends.

financing loan

Implement the policy of interest discounts and rewards and subsidies for entrepreneurship guaranteed loans. Make good use of the funds for the reduction of fees and subsidies for financing guarantees for small and micro enterprises, support the expansion of the scale of financing guarantee business for small and micro enterprises, and reduce the cost of financing guarantees. Where conditions permit, the role of the loan risk compensation mechanism shall be brought into full play. Strengthen the re-lending and re-discount policy tools to accurately "drip irrigation" small and medium-sized enterprises, and make good use of the newly added 300 billion yuan of small re-lending quotas. Increase credit loans, and implement inclusive credit loan support policies for small and micro enterprises by regulations. For small and micro enterprises seriously affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, flood disasters, and rising raw material prices, strengthen working capital loan support and implement the policy of deferred repayment of principal and interest for inclusive small and micro-enterprise loans by regulations.

Control costs

Strengthen the monitoring and early warning of bulk commodities, strengthen the adjustment of market supply and demand, and severely crackdown on illegal acts such as hoarding and price gouging. Support industry associations and large enterprises to build supply and demand docking platforms in key industries and industrial chains, and strengthen supply and supply docking services for raw materials. Promote futures companies to provide risk management services for small and medium-sized enterprises, and help small and medium-sized enterprises to use futures hedging tools to deal with the risk of large fluctuations in raw material prices. Stabilize the capacity supply of liner companies in China's main export routes. Give play to the role of industry associations, chambers of commerce, and local governments, guide foreign trade enterprises to sign long-term contracts with liner companies, and encourage liner companies to launch special line services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Guaranteed electricity

Strengthen the construction of the power generation, supply, storage, and sales system, scientifically implement orderly electricity consumption, reasonably arrange off-peak electricity consumption, and ensure the safe and stable supply of energy to small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. Promote the leading enterprises in the industrial chain to sort out the list of key upstream and downstream enterprises, ensure the electricity demand of small and medium-sized enterprises in key links of the industrial chain, maintain the security and stability of the industrial chain supply chain, ensure the normal production of existing orders, and prevent the risk of order default. Accelerate the reform of electricity marketization, fully consider the reform process and the affordability of small and medium-sized enterprises, and promote the entry of small and medium-sized enterprises into the power market in a stable and orderly manner. Encourage qualified places to implement phased discounts on electricity consumption by small and micro-enterprises.

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