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Positive feeder spare parts for circular knitting machine

This device comes with the tried-and-tested, self-cleaning vibrating yarn tensioner, which reliably prevents machine stoppages. Fast threading saves time. The colour-change LED stop light is an integral part of the feeder body and is clearly visible from any operator position. The enclosed feeder body prevents contamination, contactless stop motion system for yarn breakage.

  • Item NO.:

    Positive Feeder
  • Lead Time:

    3-7 working days
  • Warranty:

    1 year
Product Details

Positive feeder spare parts for circular knitting machine



Product Origin Zhejiang, China
Lead Time 3-7 working days
Warranty 1 year
Power supply 12/24 V AC/DC, 50 - 60 Hz
Rated current 60mA
Yarn tension range 1,0 cN to 20 cN
Staple yarn Nm 6 to Nm 200
Filament 8 dtex to 2000 dtex
Elastomers spun, wound
Weight depending on model 430g to 660g


Main features

1.Self-cleaning vibrating yarn tensioner prevents machine stoppages

2.Rapid threading thanks to open eyelets

3.Interchangeable yarn feed wheel

4.Integrated anti-filamentation unit on yarn outlet


1. Vibration tension device

The vibrating design makes the tension disc rotate in the opposite direction of the yarn feeding of other competitors in the market, which can prevent the tension disc from accumulating fluff and has a self-cleaning effect. There is no problem of wear and tear of the tension disc, and there is no more false stoppage, which means that the weaving capacity is improved.

2. Yarn storage wheel

The full-cover type yarn storage wheel is standard equipment for yarn storage, and the needle bar fence type or separable yarn storage wheel is optional. Fully removable and replaceable.

3. Stop indicator light

A large stop indicator built into the feeder is clearly visible to all operators from all angles.

4. Built-in retractable anti-residual wire device

When using filament yarn, the capillary monofilament is easily entangled on the yarn storage wheel and hinders the smoothness of the yarn path. To avoid this situation, the operator can select the yarn guide bar at the flat yarn output angle of the spun yarn or the filament yarn. The steeper yarn exit angle.

5. Knot filter

No tools are required to change the knuckle filter - the adjustable multi-slot knuckle filter is available.



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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!