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High Performance 50 Gauge Double Jersey Machine!

May 09, 2022

LEADSFON-Bilodelli 34-inch 50-gauge high-performance double jersey open-width machine is the latest high-gauge double jersey knitting machine developed by us this year.

This high-gauge double jersey machine is equipped with a unique frame machine transmission system, which is more in line with the operating habits of the weaving system. It can weave ultra-fine fibers, and at the same time, it can easily change the cloth type, high output and high stability, while saving production costs. Reduce production time;

Its excellent weaving performance can create fine, clear and flat fabric texture;

The high-gauge-count double jersey weave makes the fabric lighter and tighter, and the four-track cylinder provides maximum flexibility and a variety of fabric options.

This high-gauge double jersey machine can weave ultra-fine fibers, such as 5D, 10D, 15D, 20D, etc., with high gauge density and high warp and weft directions, the woven fabric is lighter, thinner, and softer, with greater extensibility and extreme Good resilience.

The fabric produced by this machine is suitable for sportswear, sports underwear, swimwear series, etc.

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