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What is the difference between a circular knitting machine and a flat knitting machine?

What is the difference between a circular knitting machine and a flat knitting machine?
October 21 , 2022

While most people think of Circular and flat as the same knit, there are many differences between them. So, what is the difference between a circular knitting machine and a flat knitting machine?


*** Produce with different machine:

It is impossible to produce a circle and flat knitting in the same machine. The knitting machine for knit circle knit and flat knit is totally different. During the fabric knitting procedure, the circular knitting machine moves circularly. This machine has a needle pitching as well as a cylinder warp.


The flat knitting machine is used to knit flat knits. It is a type of knitting machine that knits using a flat knitting needle surface. The knitted cloth width may be altered by adding or deleting needles because this machine is split into length and length.


*** Manufacturing Process:

In terms of the manufacturing process, there is also a bit of difference that exists. You have to cut the fabric and then swing it to swing the circle knitting fabric. On the other hand, a flat knit does not need cutting; it may be sewn together immediately after knitting. As a result, the flat is knitted into shape.


*** Properties:

Circular knit garments are constructed from graded material in the form of a tube-like ‘stocking.’ They have a more supple texture and are less thick towards the contact. While they may seem like fashion pantyhose, they are medical prescription garments that compress the bottom more than the top.


Flat knitting garments, which do not have a seam, have good therapeutic outcomes. They’re knitted as a flattened yet shaped sheet of compressive fabric that’s then seamed into form. In graduated compression clothing, flat knitting clothes provide the most confinement.


*** Useability:

The squeeze of circular knitting is highly dynamic, and it’s ideal throughout the day when you’re moving and pushing against the tension with your legs and arms. Because they may exert too much-resting stress, they are not recommended for usage at night while muscles are at repose.


The flat knitting is compressed without the broad bands of round elastic. This knitting is good for reducing lobules, irregularly proportioned extremities, and folds without causing discomfort or restriction. They are long-lasting and, for certain patients, preferable to use at nighttime due to the relatively low resting tension.



Circular knit is knitted using a variety of needles and feeds to achieve a high level of production capacity. It is possible to crochet flat knit using the same techniques as circular knit; however, the fabric is not round and has a lower production rate than circular knit. 


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