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What is a sinker in a knitting machine

What is a sinker in a knitting machine
September 02 , 2022

The knitting machine sinker is mainly provided with an inclined surface on the upper edge of the nose end of the sinker, and a protruding nose is arranged at the top of the inclined surface, and a yarn breaking part is arranged on the upper edge of the end of the nose, and the throat is arranged to be a An arc-shaped notch, and two arc-shaped protrusions are arranged on the lower edge of the throat, and a separation groove and a twist groove are respectively formed at the front ends of the two protrusions. At the knotted place, two reverse wraps are formed to strengthen the towel structure. When the veil loop is completed, the veil can be cut by the yarn breaker to form a plush terry cloth.


In the process of fabric knitting, the knitting sinker is one of the most important parts of the circular knitting machine, and it has always played a vital role. Superior quality sinkers are knitted basic premium fabrics


Knitting Machine Needles Sinker


The following introduces the advantages of our large circular machine sinkers:

1. Sinkers ensure uniformity and flawless fabrics for long-term knitting processes.

2. Short setup cycle and short idle time for high productivity.

3. Less idle time

4. Reduce costs

5. Increase productivity

6. Perfect cycle quality


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