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What are the components of the circular knitting machine?

What are the components of the circular knitting machine?
March 18 , 2022

Circular knitting machine: Because of the many loop-forming systems, high speed, high output, fast pattern change, good fabric quality, few processes and strong product adaptability, the circular knitting machine has developed rapidly.


Let's introduce the parts of the circular knitting machine and the functions of the machine accessories:


The functions of all knitting machine components are described below:

1. Yarn tensioner:

It is used to perfectly grasp the yarn through the needle.


2. Cam box:

It is used to fix the cam according to the fabric design. The knitted cams are arranged according to the design.

Cam box for Circular Knitting Machine

3. Creel:

The creel is used to place the yarn cones. From here the yarn is supplied to the machine through a pipe.


4. Feeder:

It is completely related to fabric production. If the number of feeders is higher, the fabric yield will be higher.

Yarn Feeder Circular Knitting Machine Parts

5. Needle:

The needle is the main component of the knitting machine. Needles are used to knit fabrics. There are different types of needles such as latch needles, whisker needles, compound needles, etc. Among them, the connecting needle is widely used in knitting technology.


6. Base plate:

The cylinder is located on the base plate.


7. Take up roller:

It is used to absorb fabrics from knitting machines. Picking up the rollers also controls the proper tension on the fabric.


8. Yarn guide:

The yarn guide is used to guide the yarn. During this time, it is necessary to maintain proper tension on the yarn.


9. Cylinder:

The cylinder is one of the important parts of the knitting machine, where all the needles are set.

Cylinder For Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

10. Automatic stopper:

The auto-stop will automatically stop the knitting machine in the event of a malfunction condition of the knitting machine.


11. VDQ pulley:

VDQ means variable diameter of the mass pulley. It controls the quality of the fabric. VDQ pulleys are very important to maintain proper stitch length.


12. Body:

The fuselage is the total area of ​​the knitting machine.


13. Sinker:

During circuit formation, sinkers are used to hold and support the threads.

Cam Circular Knitting Machine Parts

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