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Understand the difference between circular knitting machines and seamless knitting machines

Understand the difference between circular knitting machines and seamless knitting machines
July 30 , 2023


In the field of textile manufacturing, the use of knitting machines has revolutionized the fabric manufacturing process. With the advancement of technology, we now have a variety of knitting machines that can meet different needs and produce different types of knitted fabrics. Two popular types are circular knitting machines and seamless knitting machines. In this blog, we'll delve into the details of these machines, explore their differences, and highlight their unique features.

circular knitting machine:

Circular knitting machines are widely used in the textile industry. They are designed to create tubular fabrics by weaving in continuous coils. This type of knitting machine consists of a circular needle bed that houses a circle of needles. Fabric is formed by interlocking yarns in a circular motion.

1. Working mechanism:

- The needle bed rotates in a continuous circular motion.

- The yarn is fed into the machine and wound onto the needles.

- The movement of the needles creates interwoven loops to form a knitted fabric.

2. Fabric type:

- Circular knitting machines are mainly used to produce jersey, ribbed, double-sided, fleece and other fabrics.

- It is versatile and can be adapted to various stitch patterns.

3. Advantages:

- Fast production speed and high efficiency.

- The fabric does not have any seams and is comfortable to wear.

- Suitable for mass production.

Seamless knitting machine:

A seamless knitting machine, as the name suggests, is designed to produce fabric without any seams. They offer an innovative way to create continuous, one-piece garments or fabrics, eliminating the need for subsequent sewing processes.

1. Working mechanism:

- Unlike circular knitting machines, seamless knitting machines use a flat bed of needles.

- It uses a process called "integral knitting" to create three-dimensional fabric structures.

- The machine utilizes various knitting techniques including knitting, tucking and transfer to create intricate patterns.

2. Fabric type:

- Seamless knitting machines are ideal for producing garments with intricate designs, textures and patterns.

- They are commonly used to make sportswear, activewear and underwear.

3. Advantages:

- Gain design freedom by creating complex patterns and textures.

- Reduced production time and costs as no additional sewing process is required.

Enhanced comfort thanks to the absence of seams.


Main difference:

1. Construction:

- Large circular knitting machines have circular needle beds while seamless knitting machines have flat needle beds.

2. Fabric type:

- Circular knitting machines produce tubular fabrics suitable for many applications.

- Seamless knitting machines are specially designed for making one-piece garments or fabrics with intricate patterns.

3. Design flexibility:

- Seamless knitting machines offer greater design possibilities due to their ability to create intricate patterns and textures.

4. Production time:

 - Circular knitting often requires an additional sewing process to create the garment, which increases production time.

 - Seamless knitting machines produce finished garments in a single process, reducing manufacturing time.

In conclusion:

To sum up, circular knitting machines and seamless knitting machines are two valuable technologies in the textile industry. While circular knitting machines excel at producing versatile tubular fabrics, seamless knitting machines offer greater design flexibility and eliminate the need for subsequent sewing processes. The choice between these machines depends on the intended application, fabric requirements and required design complexity. As technology advances, both machines continue to play an integral role in meeting the diverse needs of the fashion and textile industries.

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