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Revolutionary sinkerless circular knitting machine launched in China - find out more!

Revolutionary sinkerless circular knitting machine launched in China - find out more!
September 01 , 2023


China has once again demonstrated its manufacturing prowess with the launch of a breakthrough innovation for the textile industry - a sinkerless circular knitting machine. In this blog, we take a deep dive into the inner workings of this revolutionary invention, exploring its benefits, applications, and potential impact on the textile industry 

Ⅰ.Evolution of large circular knitting machines

Circular knitting machines have long been the cornerstone of the textile industry, providing an efficient and cost-effective way of producing knitted fabrics. These machines utilize multiple needles arranged in a circle to create a continuous tube of seamless fabric. However, traditional circular knitting machines rely on sinkers (a specialized metal hook) to hold down the loops as the needles pass through the fabric, leading to some limitations.

Ⅱ.In traditional single jersey machines, the stitch is constructed with moving sinkers. In SL3.0 machine the stitch is formed in a stationary point 

Ⅲ.Advantages of sinkerless circular knitting machine

Compared with traditional counterparts, the sinkerless circular knitting machine has many advantages:

1.Ideal solution for very fine gauges

2. Improve production efficiency: This increases productivity, reduces downtime, and ultimately saves the manufacturer money. Additionally, the machine offers faster knitting speeds without compromising output quality.

3. Reduced fabric waste: Sinkers are notorious for creating defects in knitted fabrics, resulting in a lot of waste. However, the sinkerless circular knitting machine greatly reduces the generation of fabric waste, bringing significant economic and environmental benefits. Significant reduction of cleaning and maintenance operations on the knitting textile

4. Enhance the stretchability of fabrics.

5. No more vertical lines

6. No more elastane misplacing defects

7. No more fabric peeling

8. Significant reduction of fabric control operation

Ⅳ.Applications and Market Impact

The impact of the sinkerless circular knitting machine extends far beyond the textile industry. Some of the key applications and market impacts are as follows:

1. High-performance sportswear: sinkerless single jersey machines offer great potential for the production of high-performance sportswear. Fabrics made with the machine can exhibit improved breathability, moisture-wicking capabilities, and enhanced elasticity, making them ideal for sportswear applications. 

2. Fashion and customization: The new design flexibility offered by the sinkerless circular knitting machine opens up endless possibilities for fashion designers. It can create intricate patterns, textures, and custom designs, meeting the ever-changing needs of consumers seeking unique and personalized clothing.

3. Medical textiles: This machine is capable of producing special fabrics with enhanced stretchability and hygroscopicity, which has broad prospects in the field of medical textiles. Applications such as compression garments, wound dressings, and orthopedic textiles could greatly benefit from this technology.

Ⅴ. Conclusion

China has developed and launched a sinker-free circular knitting machine, marking an important milestone in the development of circular knitting machine technology. The machine's ability to enhance fabric design flexibility, increase production efficiency, reduce fabric waste, and increase fabric stretch holds great potential for various industries such as sportswear, fashion, and medical textiles. As manufacturers and designers embrace this revolutionary invention, we can expect to see a revolution in the way fabrics are produced, leading to a more sustainable, customizable, and technologically advanced future for the textile industry.

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