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ITMA Milan 2023 Summary: LEADSFON DJI3.2 Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine!

ITMA Milan 2023 Summary: LEADSFON DJI3.2 Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine!
July 05 , 2023
The ITMA Milan 2023 exhibition ended perfectly on June 14. Our company also achieved good results at the exhibition. At the exhibition, our partners and customers came to our booth to have an in-depth exchange with our company about the machines on display and the latest innovative products. Our company also conducted further conversations and established cooperative relations with customers and partners.
What we exhibited in this exhibition is our DJI3.2 Double Jersey circular knitting machine. The features of this machine are:
1. High performance, open width speed factor up to 850 (25rpm at 34”)
1. Single adjusting key per feeder
2. Three shafts transmission system, improve the reliability and durability of the transmission system, enhance the stability of the machine, and high-speed dynamic accuracy of the machine
3. The yarn guide ring can be adjusted as a whole, and the yarn guide can be adjusted separately
4. The unique prominent structure ensures the absolute engagement of the gears and keeps the equipment stable and efficient
5. Unique yarn feeding aluminum disc anti-slip setting, avoid parallel lines
6. Independent patented take-down system
7. Large pattern range with up to 4 needles tracks in cylinder cam and a wide gauge fabric
8. Different frame types available for different production requirements
ITMA Milano 2023 provides the perfect platform for LEADSFON to showcase its industry-leading circular knitting machines. LEADSFON focused on innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. We'd like you to please stay tuned for future updates as LEADSFON continues to push the boundaries of textile machinery innovation.
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