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Evolution of the Towel Round Machine: A Scientific Overview

Evolution of the Towel Round Machine: A Scientific Overview
May 10 , 2023


Terry machines are widely used manufacturing tools in the textile industry. The machine has developed significantly over the years with increasing demand for all types of terry fabrics such as towels, bathrobes, and other household linens. In this blog, we will explore the technical aspects of terry knitting machines and how they have evolved.

Terry Machine Terry Machine Head

Mechanism of Terry's machine

The working principle of the terry knitting machine is to form loops. The machine consists of a cylindrical drum with needle beds arranged in a circle. The yarn is fed into the machine through a tensioning device that regulates the tension of the yarn. The needle is lifted and moved in a circular motion by a cam system. Then lower the needle to create a loop around the yarn. The ring is held in place by a sinker, which remains in place until the next ring is formed. Repeat the process, creating loops that form the fabric.

Evolution of the Terry machine

The earliest terry knitting machines were manual and required skilled workers to operate.  In the 1950s, automated machinery was introduced, increasing productivity in the textile industry. These machines have a single-drive system that moves the needle and roller at the same speed.

In the 1970s, electronic terry knitting machines were introduced, improving the quality of fabric produced. Electronic machines allow for greater control over the knitting process, creating a wider range of terry fabrics. These machines have microprocessors to control the movement of the needles and drums so that different knitting patterns can be programmed.

In the 1990s, the advent of computerized terry knitting machines further improved the precision of the knitting process. These machines have sophisticated computer systems that control knitting patterns and yarn tension. These machines can also produce more intricate patterns in a variety of colors, resulting in high-quality terry fabrics.

Terry Machine Fabric

Advantages of Terry machine

Terry knitting machines bring many benefits to the textile industry. These machines are efficient and can produce large quantities of fabric in a short period. They also produce fabrics of consistent quality with an extremely low error rate, reducing waste and increasing productivity. Additionally, these machines can create a range of textures and patterns, allowing for the creation of bespoke fabrics.

Maintenance of Terry's machine

To maintain the efficiency of the terry knitting machine, regular maintenance is necessary. The machine should be cleaned daily to remove any dust or debris that may have accumulated. The oil supply system should also be checked regularly to ensure it is working properly. Needles and sinkers should be replaced periodically to prevent wear.

In Conclusion

Terry knitting machines have undergone major changes over the years, evolving from manual machines to computerized machines. This machine revolutionized the textile industry, producing high-quality terry fabrics in large quantities. The benefits of these machines are many and regular maintenance is necessary to keep them running efficiently. With further advances in technology, terry circular knitting machines will continue to develop, increasing the quality and product range of terry fabrics.

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