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Difference Between Double and Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

Difference Between Double and Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine
March 07 , 2023

Knitting machines are widely used in the textile industry to produce a variety of fabrics. These machines can be divided into two main categories: single-jersey and double-jersey knitting machines. In this article, we will discuss the differences between these two types of knitting machines in terms of their capabilities, functions, and advantages.

● Single Jersey Machine

A single jersey knitting machine is one of the most commonly used knitting machines in apparel production. It is used to produce knitwear, t-shirts, and other types of fabrics. The single jersey machine can create high-quality fabrics with good elasticity, excellent dimensional stability, a smooth surface, and a soft hand feel. It is a circular knitting machine that uses one set of needles and hooks to form a single interlocking loop at a time. The loop formation runs in a vertical line from the bottom to the top, which creates a knitted fabric with a natural stretch.

Advantages of Single Jersey Knitting Machine:

1. The single jersey machine has a high production speed, which makes it perfect for mass production.

2. It produces a range of fabrics, from lightweight to heavyweight.

3. It is easy to operate, maintain, and repair.

4. It is less expensive than a double jersey machine.

5. It can switch between different colors easily during production.

Double Jersey Knitting Machine

Double jersey knitting machines are more versatile than single jersey machines as they are capable of producing fabrics with two sets of needles and loops, resulting in a two-way stretch. The needles in a double jersey machine are aligned in a diagonal direction, allowing for more intricate and complex patterns to be created on the fabric.

Advantages of Double Jersey Knitting Machine:

- Can produce fabrics with different textures, such as terry and pique

- Can produce fabrics with different patterns, such as stripes and jacquards

- Can create fabrics with a reversible design, which is not possible with single jersey machines

- Suitable for producing thicker fabrics with higher thermal insulation properties

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